For over 30 years, I have developed award-winning ensembles through attention to vocal technique and team building. Let's grow your choral program this year by creating strong singers and team players.


choral workshops

Below are my three most popular workshops that I offer to choral ensembles. If there is another way you would like to partner together, please reach out and let me know.

One class package

For one class period or school day, I work with students on choral techniques, tone, realization of composer’s intents and historical background where appropriate. 

Two Hour Package

In two hours, I work on choral techniques, tone and realization of composer’s intents in addition to team building and trust activities to develop a team mentality. A stronger sense of responsibility and commitment to the ensemble are natural outcomes of this experience.

one day package

During a five to eight hour workshop, music is still first and foremost on the agenda but more time is dedicated to building a stronger, cohesive ensemble. Students are put in small groups to work together on musical and non-musical tasks, such as sight-singing and icebreakers. Hightened musical depth is developed and a greater sense of caring for the group is a natural outcome.